Corvallis to Astoria

All pictures on this page are owned and copyrighted, 2001, by David West. They are used here with his permission.

On December 26th, 2002, David and I made a cross-country flight to Astoria, OR. Our flight took us from Corvallis, over Tillamook, then along the coast to Astoria. Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia River and sometimes has high winds. The wind was fairly strong and a little gusty, and probably stronger than I had encountered up to then. We landed safely and had lunch at the restaurant on the field. They served Boca burgers even though the selection didn't show up on the menu. Apparently some people confused it with bacon burger so they don't have it written on the board. The burgers were cooked outside on a BBQ grill while we watched a Coast Guard helicopter go through what looked like post-flight procedures and then get stowed. The flight back was a little more inland over the coastal mountain range because clouds were forming near the coast.