Welcome to Oregon Airborne

Big Lake, Hayrick Butte, Hoodoo Butte, and Three Fingered Jack

This site is nothing more than a few simple pages about my own (Jon Eggert) flight experiences and interest. My first flight was a $25 introductory flight from Inter-State Aviation in Pullman, Washington on April 28th, 2000. That's where I had my initial flight training. I finished my private pilot training in Corvallis, Oregon and earned my license on October 4, 2001. I'm a member of the Oregon State Flying Club in Corvallis.

My flying hours plummeted at the end of 2003 when my work kept me too busy to stay proficient. Except for a couple of short spurts since then, I've mostly stayed on the ground. I will pick it up again.

Flights When Someone Remembered a Camera

First solo flight, September 13, 2000.

Cross-country training to Roseburg, Oregon, June 14, 2001.

Astoria, December 26, 2001, with David West.

Over the Cascades to Redmond, January 13, 2002, with Markus Dietz of Köln, Germany.

The Dalles, Oregon and Mt. St. Helens in Washington, February 14, 2002, with Mike Merrifield.

Redmond, September 28th, 2002, with Norman West.

Sunriver, June 7, 2003, with Kris Amato.

Newberg, June 14, 2003.

Mt. St. Helens, June 15, 2003, with Norman West.

My friend Ryan's intro flight over Eugene, OR, August 14, 2005, (I sat in back).

Excursions With My Dad

My dad and I enjoy going to air shows and fly-ins. These are some of our bigger excursions.

Reno Air Races 2004

EAA Arlington Fly-In 2005

NWAAC Fly-In 2006

EAA Arlington Fly-In 2008

Reno Air Races 2009

Airports Visited

This is a list of places I've flown and the date I first flew there.

PUW - Apr. 28
CVO - July 23
LWS - Oct. 15
ALW - Oct. 18
PSC - Oct. 18
GEG - Dec. 18
EUG - June 6
RBG - June 14
UAO - June 21
SLE - June 21
S30 - Sep. 3
S12 - Oct. 4
7S5 - Oct. 20
AST - Dec. 26
RDM - Jan. 13
DLS - Feb. 14
HIO - July 20
OR78 - Aug. 6
SPB - Oct. 12
7S9 - April 8
S21 - June 7
2S6 - June 14